when is the oas payment this month $978 OAS Benefit Payment Coming on January 10th – Fact Check, Rumors, and Eligibility Explained

Unraveling the Truth: $978 OAS Benefit Payment Coming on January 10th – Fact Check, Rumors, and Eligibility Explained

when is the oas payment this month

As the new year begins, rumors are swirling about a $978 Old Age Security (OAS) benefit payment scheduled for January 10th. ( Oas payment dates)  In this article, we delve into the facts, eligibility criteria, and key details surrounding this payment. Let’s separate fact from fiction and bring clarity to the anticipated financial relief for older citizens.

$978 OAS Payment Dates : The Real Deal (Old age security payment dates )

Contrary to some rumors, the $978 OAS payment set for January 10th is not a hoax. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is indeed transferring this amount to account holders, and the delayed schedule is attributed (Oas payment dates )to a backlog caused by the recent public holidays.

The payment is part of the $2250 pensionable benefits provided to senior citizens, aimed at alleviating financial burdens in their retirement years.

Eligibility Criteria: Old age security payment dates

To qualify for the OAS payment, individuals must have reached the standard retirement age of 65. Essential documentation, including employment details, income information, ( cpp oas payment dates ) tax returns, and post-retirement expenses, must be submitted to the CRA.

At least one contribution during the working years is required, with a contribution rate of 5.95%, shared equally between the individual and their employer.
Applying for OAS is not a direct process; the government automatically assesses beneficiaries based on provided information. In case of non-receipt of funds after turning 65, contacting the CRA through Service Canada or the My CRA Account is recommended for further assistance.

Retirement Benefits Landscape:

Beyond the OAS, Canada offers additional retirement benefits, including the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

Retirement Benefit 


Canada Pension Plan

A monthly taxable amount requiring a 5.95 % contribution during employment 

Guaranteed Income Supplement 

Combined with oas, it provides substantial support, expecially for those reaching the age of 70

$978 OAS Payment Fact Check: Old age security payment dates

The $978 payment in January is factual, with recipients also being part of CPP and GIS. However, it’s crucial to note potential tax implications if total income exceeds thresholds during tax return submissions. Last year’s amount of $66,500 has been adjusted to CAD 68,500, considering the rising cost of living.

Fact Check Point 


Last Year's OAS Payment


Adjusted OAS Payment for January 

CAD 68,500

Individuals seeking guidance can connect with Service Canada officials. Retirement at the standard age, minimum CPP contributions during working years, and eligibility for post-retirement benefits are important factors to consider for OAS beneficiaries.

As the $978 OAS payment becomes a reality on January 10th, eligible individuals can breathe a sigh of relief. Understanding the eligibility criteria, the broader landscape of retirement benefits, and staying informed about the facts will empower retirees to navigate their financial well-being in the years ahead. For more personalized assistance, contacting Service Canada is always a prudent step towards securing a stable financial future.

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