Navigating the Frontiers of Cancer Research, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Extracellular Vesicles

Navigating the Frontiers of Cancer Research, Postdoctoral Fellowship in Extracellular Vesicles.

In the dynamic world of cancer research, a golden opportunity awaits dedicated researchers to unravel the mysteries surrounding cancer growth and progression. The University of Gothenburg, situated in the heart of Sweden, beckons qualified and motivated individuals to join its Institute of Clinical Sciences as a Postdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Research.

This article will delve into the specifics of this distinctive position, centering on preclinical research in the captivating domain of extracellular vesicles (EVs) and their role in cancer.

Position Insight:

Designation : Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Area: Extracellular Vesicles and Cancer Research
Location: Institute of Clinical Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Eligibility and Qualifications:

The ideal candidate should hold a doctoral degree or its foreign equivalent, with completion within the last three years. Special considerations may be extended to those with qualifications exceeding this timeframe due to circumstances such as illness, parental leave, or relevant service/assignment.

Decoding the Role:

As a pivotal member of the research team led by Rossella Crescitelli, the postdoctoral fellow will play a crucial role in deciphering the intricate ways in which extracellular vesicles facilitate communication within the tumor microenvironment.

The primary focus is on uncovering novel mechanisms by which extracellular vesicles contribute to cancer growth and progression.
Cutting-edge techniques will be employed, including the isolation of highly purified extracellular vesicles directly from tissue. The researcher will explore and elucidate the communication pathways mediated by extracellular vesicles within the tumor microenvironment.

Techniques such as molecular and cellular methods, DNA/RNA/protein analyses, flow cytometry, electron microscopy, and advanced extracellular vesicle isolation methods will be at the forefront of the investigative process. Collaboration with a clinical laboratory for patient sample collection will be a pivotal aspect of this role.

Qualifications for Eligibility:

Candidates must possess a Ph.D. in biochemistry, biology, molecular biology, biotechnology or equivalent. Proficiency in cell biology, biochemistry, and molecular biology is imperative. Advantageous skills include experience in single-cell transcriptomic analysis, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry analysis, and familiarity with extracellular vesicles and mouse models.

Additional expertise in advanced microscopy, encompassing confocal and transmission electron microscopy, is considered a valuable asset. The position necessitates qualities such as self-motivation, independence, accuracy, and excellent communication skills in English.

The Path Ahead:

The position is temporary for two years, with the potential for a one-year extension. The placement will be within the Institute of Clinical Sciences, Surgery, with the starting date to be mutually agreed upon.

Application Process:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications through the University of Gothenburg’s recruitment portal by the deadline of 25th February 2024. The application, composed in English, should encompass a concise cover letter detailing the applicant’s experience and qualifications, a comprehensive CV, a publication list, and the contact information of two references.

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Connect with Us:

For inquiries about the position, prospective candidates are encouraged to contact researcher Rossella Crescitelli via *email*:

Embark on a transformative journey into the realms of cancer research by seizing the opportunity to become a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Gothenburg.

This unique position promises not only to contribute to cutting-edge extracellular vesicle research but also to offer a platform for significant strides in understanding the complexities of cancer growth and progression. Seize this chance to be an instrumental force in shaping the future of cancer research. Apply now and become a catalyst for change in the fight against cancer!

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